Frequently Asked Questions


It’s so easy to travel to Slovenia! It truly is in the center of Europe as it seamlessly connects Italy on the West, Croatia on the East and Austria on the North. Take a plane, train, or drive (some adventurers even come hiking across the Alps – what a thrill!). We do not arrange your travel to a start of your adventure with us, however, we would be more than happy to give you suggestions and help you find the best option. As itineraries suggest, we will pick you up at Ljubljana Airport, which is most often selected arrival destination for our guests (for itineraries to Istria and Croatian islands, pick-up is arranged as described in itineraries). However, do let us know, if you plan on coming in by train or bus or you will already be staying somewhere in the country. We will try our best to find a good transfer option for you to bring you to a beginning of your adventure.




As an outdoor enthusiasts, we all understand that our activities are to an extend always dependent on weather. Especially in the mountains, where weather conditions can change within hours, we must at times accept that itineraries must change. For example: if a cliff is wet from a rain a few hours ago, we will not take you rock climbing; if water in a canyon rises and makes the canyon inaccessible, we will look into moving the activity to a different day; if it rains cats and dogs, we will not make you climb a hill, let alone a mountain. It’s all about your safety! Instead, we will be flexible and work with you to try to adjust your itinerary accordingly. In the very worst case scenario, after exhausting all other options, we might need to cancel an activity. It rarely happens, don’t worry!




If you travel in a group, it is almost given, that your fellow-travelers will have mixed physical skills. But everyone should have a good time, right? Our programs are designed with that in mind. We strive to provide excitement and fun for all and look for possibilities to adjust an itinerary and offer optional activities. And let us assure you – our guides have wealth of experience and a true desire to make you all feel comfortable and bring a smile on everybody’s faces!




Though no experience or sport-related skills are necessarily required for taking part in activities we offer, we highly recommend that you select a program that fits your physical preparedness and health conditions. We are more than happy to offer our advice, however, you know yourself best and must be able and willing to rationally assess your own abilities. We also strongly encourage that you consult your physician before booking a tour to receive an expert medical advice.



  • 24/7 SUPPORT

You will never have to be afraid of unknown. As a matter of fact, we want you to feel comfortable on our trips, be daring and let your adventurous you come out. That is why we will always be there for you: in any critical situation you may find yourself or in a moment you would need an urgent advice, you will have our faithful, 24/7 support available to you! And our knowledgeable guides will brief you before every tour and  let you know what to expect and feel safe.




All our guides are local English-speaking licensed professionals, enthusiastic, exuberant, and genuine people, who are careful and detailed about their work and take their responsibility serious. They don’t only enjoy showing visitors the beauty of their country, but are all also very passionate about what they do: hiking, biking, canyoning, paragliding, rock climbing, and just about everything in between. We trust them fully!    




You are going on an escapade in remote and hidden corners of Alps and Mediterranean. We will always provide you with the right equipment for your adventure as per itinerary, and you can be sure that the equipment is new, inspected on a regular basis and in compliance with regulations. There are so many fun and useful travel gadgets available on a market, but be conscientious of bringing too many and unnecessary ones, as you will often have a limited packing space. We will let you know, for example, that you most probably will not be able to use a selfie stick out on a river, or will you need a portable personal fan on our hut-to-hut hike, where a freshest and cleanest Alpine air will not only cool you down, but re-energize you with sounds and smells.




Are you an independent person with a full travel bucket list, with your own adventurous style, ingrained personal habits and travel rituals? Then you are a DIY globetrotter, who we had in mind when curating our Self-Guided tours. Our Self-Guided booklets reflect our enthusiasm and excitement about places you will visit and stories you will experience. As we know that you are an explorer by heart, we will not be surprised to have you come back with anecdotes and suggestions of your own that we would never think off and include in the booklet. We cannot wait to hear about your encounters. On that note, do share your travel ideas and preferences even before your booking, since it would be our pleasure to customize your trip, if only possible!




We love adventure tourism for the thrill that brings to our lives and equate it with healthy lifestyle! We venture out into the nature to admire it’s beauty and strive to protect it in any way we can! Slovenians hold nature very close to their hearts and are as a nation devoted to protecting its beauty and health. You’ll see evidence of this each day as you encounter locals in the forest and on the trails, and can find this spirit in the traditional songs and poetry. We kindly remind all of our guests who climb the peaks, hike the Alpine meadows, or take a dip in the crystal clear rivers and Adriatic sea, to understand and respect these values. In saying, please do your part to “go local” and join in this commitment to respect the mountains and valleys by packing out what you pack in, being mindful of your impact on the local environment, be mindful of volume, do not pick the protected flowers along a hiking path, and maintain a distance from the wild animals you’ll encounter on the way. Above all, enjoy the pristine nature that is all around you!