Discover Biking Trails of Alpe-Adria

The most adventurous cyclers out there, who are in a constant search for new and different, will love these tours! Our self-guided biking adventures are appropriate for those, who seek solitude, as well as those, whose adventures must be filled with vibrancy and constant commotion. Release the breaks, hit the pedals and ride full speed ahead! Emerald waters, endless coves, vineyards and olive groves, Roman palaces and sail boats... You can string these pearls at your own pace and create most unique memories for life!  

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Best Seasons:May - October
Popular Location:Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

Biking Adventures

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    Island-Hopping in Croatia

    11 Days

    11 days of self-guided biking adventures on Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, complete with views of sail boats and swimming in sea coves, aromas of lavender and sage, and dinners in romantic coastal towns

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