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As a curious and self-sufficient traveler, who demands flexibility, but does not compromise on exceptional value, you will appreciate the itineraries we curated for you! These trips are created specifically for active, independent and curious travelers, be that for couples, smaller groups or families. We offer you support and expertise and you do not have to do any work for it. You only select most convenient dates and pack your bags. The rest is in place for your ultimate enjoyment and unobstructed relaxation. If you wish, however, we will be more than happy to find a local guide to escort you on your adventures!

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Best Seasons:Spring, Summer, Fall
Popular Location:Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

Self Guided Explorations

Most popular destinations

    Island-Hopping in Croatia

    11 Days

    11 days of self-guided biking adventures on Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, complete with views of sail boats and swimming in sea coves, aromas of lavender and sage, and dinners in romantic coastal towns

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