Slovenia Adventure Week

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7-day multi activity vacation in green, pure, unspoiled nature, leisurely or challenging, tailored to your ideas and inspiring your dreams

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    Camping, Cycling, Family, Guided Tours, Nature, Trekking
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All about the Slovenia Adventure Week.

Imagine… beautiful lakes, emerald rivers, deep canyons and high mountains. Peaceful forests, warm sunshine, new friends and local hospitality.

Now… mix in one week of excitement and adrenaline-boosting activities.

A perfect combination for unforgettable adventure! Go beyond your comfort zone and test your limits enjoying each and every minute of it!


Day 1 Arrival day, transfer from  Ljubljana Airport to Bled, in-take meeting

Day 2 – Mountain biking and stand up paddleboarding on Lake Bled

Day 3 – First day of a 2-day hike in the Julian Alps, overnight at the mountain hut

Day 4 – Second day of the hike, overnight camping by the Soča river

Day 5 – White water rafting on the Soča river and scenic drive to Bled

Day 6 – Canyoning and rock climbing

Day 7 Transfer from Bled to Ljubljana Airport and departure

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 4x B&B accommodation at  a farm stay
  • 1x half-board  accommodation at a  mountain hut (private rooms)
  • 1x half-board  accommodation at a  campground (tents)
  • Meals at mountain huts and at the campground normally include a main course (choice of a vegetable or meat stew, sausage with bread), salad, dessert, one drink; individual diets will try to be accommodated, if possible, per earlier arrangement at the time of booking, should a request be made
  • farewell dinner in a local  restaurant with traditional Slovenian cuisine
  • highly qualified, licensed, English speaking local guides on  all activities (canyoning, rafting, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, SUP)
  • return private transfers from/to Ljubljana Airport (or Ljubljana city) to Bled
  • all private transfers during all 6 days to and from activities according to the itinerary, including an airport pickup and drop off
  • complete equipment for all activities according to the itinerary (wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, shoes, etc, …)
  • 1/2 day rent-a-bike with accompanied gear
  • in-take meeting on day 1, logistical support, 24/7 emergency support
  • bottled water 0,5l per person/day at activities
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Travel to Slovenia
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks and food (lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks) except breakfast and dinners as stated in the itinerary (3 dinners)
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuity
  1. Day1 Let your adventure begin!

    We will pick you up at the airport and after a short 30-minute drive you will already be enjoying picturesque views of Lake Bled, its island and a 100-year-old castle perched on top of a mighty, 450 ft high cliff. You will be staying on a family farm in a quaint Slovenian village, located only a couple of miles outside Bled. The surrounding mountains frame the location’s unique Alpine charm. You will have some time to enjoy the farm, take a short walk to Bled and meet with our representative to discuss details of the 7-day adventure we’ve prepared for you. The rest of the day will be yours to explore Bled and its surroundings. You can take our bikes around the lake or, we recommend, bike to the famous Vintgar gorge and take a short walk on a boardwalk passing over a lively stream running deep into this mysterious ravine.

  2. Day2 Mountain Biking and Paddle Boarding

    After breakfast at the farm your day will start with an easy cycling tour through the villages surrounding Bled. Entering Triglav National Park, a road will lead you through the Radovna Valley, which Slovenes consider to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the country.. Remarkable views of the surrounding mountains and unspoiled nature of the national park will give you strength and energy to try yourself on exciting single trails throughout the forest. This half day bike tour is ideal for groups of adventurers with various skills and experience, for leisure bikers or thrill seekers, and has been a sure hit with our travelers!

    After lunch, an afternoon on Lake Bled will refresh your body and relax your mind. You will cross the lake on stand up paddle boards, free to circle the island at your leisure, take in picturesque scenes of Bled, or dive in for a swim in the crystal clear alpine waters. The water in the lake is clean and swimming is safe, as no private motor boats are permitted on the lake.

  3. Day3 Hiking in the Julian Alps

    After an early rise and breakfast, we’ll drive 30 min to Lake Bohinj, the largest glacial lake in Slovenia. With no significant developments in the near vicinity of the lake, the surrounding nature has been preserved and kept as pristine as it gets! A short walk along the lakeshore will offer you awe-inspiring views of crystal clear water and reflections of the stunning surroundings. We will then take a cable car to 5,000 ft elevation, reaching the base of a winter ski resort on Mt. Vogel, from where we’ll begin our 2-hour hike to the summit of the mountain. Mt. Vogel is a beloved skiing and hiking destinations for locals, with outstanding panoramic views. Once you take in the views from the mountain top, you will begin descending toward the Mt. Komna mountain hut , where you will spend the night. The hike to the mountain hut should take no longer than 3 hours.

    Hike: Upper station of the cable car to Mt. Vogel summit: 2 hours; Mt.Vogel Summit to Komna Mt. hut: 3 hours
    Elevation: first part of the hike +1,300 ft, second part -1,800 ft

  4. Day4 Overnight at a campground

    Early morning breakfast at the hut and back on the trail! ! You will pass by a former military barracks ruin, built during the years leading up to the World War II. Continuing on the trail for 3 more hours will bring you to Krn lake (4,400 ft), the largest alpine lake in Slovenia. The lake is stunning and most often described as “dream-like”, “peaceful”, “serene”. The lake is within the boundaries of Triglav National Park and so enjoys a high level of environmental protection, including prohibiting swimming at all times. Take a moment, rest and enjoy the beauty around you! From the lake, our descent to the Soča river valley will last another 2 hours.
    Hike: Komna to Lake Krn: 3 hours; Lake Krn to Lepena: 2 hours

  5. Day5 Whitewater rafting on the Emerald River

    Rise and shine! Soon after breakfast you will find yourself strapping on life vests and helmets, getting ready to paddle and bounce your way through the turbulent white rapids of Soča – the Emerald river. Soča’s nickname is not misleading and pictures show its true color – emerald green! The Slovenian Alps are a limestone formation and it is precisely the limestone that gives the river its stunning color. It is said to be one of the world’s rare rivers that retain this color throughout its entire length. Feel its power and rage, enjoy the marvellous views and dare to jump into the cold water. On our return to Bled, driving through the Trenta valley alongside Soča, we will pass by the 350-foot waterfall Boka and make our way up to the top of the Vršič mountain pass, which, at 5,300 ft., is the highest mountain pass in the country. We will make a quick stop for a short walk to take in a view of the Heathen Maiden (Ajdovska deklica), a rock formation on the side of Mt. Prisank resembling a female face, which gave inspiration to numerous local legends. After arriving back in Bled, you will enjoy a free rest of the day by the lake or at the farm.

  6. Day6 Vertical Day!

    After breakfast it’s time for some real action! Jumping from 30 ft high cliffs, sliding down the rocks on natural slides and rappelling on waterfalls, canyoning will test your limits. As scary as it appears at first, it will be fun, exciting and rewarding. In the afternoon another vertical challenge awaits. Take the opportunity to discover your rock climbing talent or accept a challenge and prove your skills! The climbing crag is appropriate for everyone – from beginners to the experienced! In the evening, we will treat you to full-course Slovenian cuisine dinner at a local restaurant.

  7. Day7 Last day

    Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Based on your travel plan, we will have a private transfer available to take you to Ljubljana Airport, train station or to Ljubljana city.

Farm Stay, Mountain Hut and Camping

Multi activities, multi lodging. In place of a luxury of a hotel, you will sleep under stars in a tent, on a mountain close to the Milky Way and in a safe nest of a traditional farm. Your accommodation includes:

  • 4x B&B accommodation at  a farm stay
  • 1x half-board  accommodation at a  mountain hut (private rooms)
  • 1x half-board  accommodation at a  campground (tents)
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Sleeping in a tentBetter thousand stars in the sky than five in a hotel!

Beauty rest in mountain hutsPiece and quite of the mountains will bring you best sleep ever!

  • Comfortable, athletic, outdoor recreational clothes
  • Wind-stopper or soft-shell jacket, extra layer of warmer clothes
  • Athletic shoes (sneakers) and walking shoes/boots
  • Swimming suit and a towel
  • Backpack (between 35 and 50l – big enough to carry all your belongings during 3 days you will be away from the farm stay )
  • Sleeping bag (optional: sleeping pad – to make sleeping in a tent more comfortable)
  • Sunscreen, sun hat or any other sun protection, bug repellent
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • First aid (a small basic kit with items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, antibacterial ointment, sterile pads)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Even on warmest days in the summer, you will want to bring an extra layer of warm clothes. The weather high up on the mountain can sometimes be a little unpredictable.

Slovenia has a period of nice and sunny weather with high temperatures (up to 90°F and sometimes even more) from late June to early September, but the weather can also be unpredictable, especially in the mountains, so we advise you come prepared: bring a few extra pieces of warm clothes (fleece or soft-shell/wind-stopper jacket, long pants, socks and shirts with long sleeves).

  • Mountain biking – the difficulty of the tour can be adjusted based on your abilities and wishes. We can organise easy leisure biking  as well as technically challenging mountain biking. Duration: 3 hours
  • Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) – relaxed  paddling on Lake Bled. Ability to swim is not required, although non-swimmers must inform a guide. Duration: 2 hours
  • 2-day hiking – each day includes approximately  5 hours of hiking. Easy ascents and descents, hiking on a safe, dedicated mountain trail. Each participant must be able to walk for 5 hours each day, two days in a row,  and will be required to carry his/her own  backpack.  
  • Whitewater Rafting on Soča river – rapids go up to level 4 (out of 5). Rafting is appropriate for beginners. Ability  to swim is not required, although non-swimmers must inform a guide. Duration: 3 hours
  • Canyoning – No previous experience is needed, since Grmečica canyon is perfect for beginners as well as experienced adventurers.  Cliff jumps are up to 30 ft  high (you can avoid jumping by using a rope to descend). Appropriate for beginners. Knowing how to swim is not required, although non-swimmers must inform a guide. Duration: 4 hours
  • Rock climbing – the climbing crag features a variety of  different difficulty level routes, ranging from very easy and basic to demanding and challenging. Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Due to the nature of activities, this program is not recommended for children younger than 15 years and pregnant women
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult, who is either their parent or a legal guardian. Parents must provide before the start date of a booked trip a signed Statement of Guardianship with their full legal name and date of birth, a child’s full legal name and date of birth as well as a guardian’s full legal name and date of birth.
  • All customers are required  to notify us before booking the tour of  any medical conditions, as well as  dietary restrictions. All medications can and should be brought to all activities in the program. If you suffer from any medical conditions, we strongly suggest that you consult your physician before booking a tour to receive an expert medical advice. We are more than happy to discuss and recommend the most suitable adventure for you based on your conditions, but cannot ultimately be responsible for your health.

We compiled a list of further thoughts and recommendations on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Slovenians hold nature very close to their hearts and are as a nation devoted to protecting its beauty and health. You’ll see evidence of this each day as you encounter locals in the forest and on the trails, and can find this spirit in the traditional songs and poetry. We kindly remind all of our guests who climb the peaks, hike the Alpine meadows, or take a dip in the crystal clear rivers and Adriatic sea, to understand and respect these values. In saying, please do your part to “go local” and join in this commitment to respect the mountains and valleys by packing out what you pack in, being mindful of your impact on the local environment, be mindful of volume, do not pick the protected flowers along a hiking path, and maintain a distance from the wild animals you’ll encounter on the way. Above all, enjoy the pristine nature that is all around you!

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Jason Stratham
Reviewed On 19/06/2016

This tour has everything one would expect from a paradise. We were really fortunate to be a part of awesome tour group operated by best tour travel company ever.